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Kelly & West

Operating a successful law firm is a fast-paced job. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily to-do lists when balancing clients with court schedules. But as with any company, it’s important to step back and take a strategic view of the overall business, including its marketing. Marketing is a process, not a project. This not only requires a comprehensive, strategic plan, but also the resources necessary to successfully implement the required tactics.

When we first met with the team at Kelly & West, we learned that like many companies, they do not have an internal marketing department who can devote the time and resources to constantly campaigning for new clients. Enter the full diagnostic and strategy from The Department of Marketing, in which we combine marketing and sales efforts to increase the company’s leads and revenue.

Find out how we become their Department of Marketing.

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Overton’s Watersports

Overton’s is a locally based outdoor recreation and sports retailer with multiple North Carolina locations. Advertising on television and radio channels is a suitable way for retailers such as this to reach customers about their supply and any sales or specials. Traditionally, such advertising is expensive, and many local retailers are hesitant to take on the cost. In addition, such advertising can be ineffective if placed in the wrong locations. While many retailers know their exact target audience, media organizations do not always make their viewing/listening audiences clear.

Read more to find out the DofM helped buy the right media.

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The Dental Care Center

Dentistry is a highly localized, competitive market that can often be difficult to navigate. The business is spread through referrals as well as localities. People want the best dental care that is also conveniently located to them.

With 5 locations across eastern North Carolina, The Dental Care Center needed to increase its digital visibility locally within each market. With an SEO analysis, the best words and phrases are selected to guide possible patients to their closest Dental Care location.

Read the full study to find out how our solutions produced results.

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Professional Recovery Consultants, Inc.

Debt collection is a field that requires not only the best marketing practices but patience. Debt collectors have a bad reputation among some people. Additionally, in the debt collection business, the sales funnel can take years due to the length of contracts. That’s why we took a holistic approach with PRC, combining the marketing and sales efforts to present the company as aligning with customer needs, leading to an increase in leads and revenue.

Find out the results from aligning our marketing efforts with their sales team.

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