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Why Your Business Needs to Be Using Live Video

girl live streamingLive video is taking over social media. But it’s no wonder: Americans spend nearly 3X longer watching live video than recorded video. But live streaming isn’t merely a fad that your business can avoid, learn how you can make live video work for your business.

Live streaming might seem like it’s a better fit for individuals and celebrities, but it’s actually a powerful tool when it comes to marketing small businesses. In contrast to previous years, it’s now both cheaper and easier than ever to produce video and distribute it to millions of viewers in an instant. Additionally, the timeliness and perceived rawness of the video leaves viewers with the feeling that they are really getting to know that brand. Live video offers a feeling of authenticity, which is something consumers today crave from businesses.

Social media is largely to blame for this changing way video is delivered and consumed. With most social networks now offering some form of live video streaming, it becomes almost a must for any business to adopt into its marketing strategy.

What is Video Live Streaming?

Video live streaming in itself is simply the act of transmitting live video footage over the Internet to a captive audience. Though the concept is not new, in the past live streaming could really only be done using a dedicated platform. However, social media has expanded the capabilities of live streaming to the point that giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all host a live streaming service. Live video serves as a great opportunity as a way to differentiate yourself from the “other guys” in your field given the sheer number of things you could do that would hold you closer to the heart of your audience. Here’s a few we have in mind:

6 Creative Video Content Ideas

  1. Customer and Client Testimonials
  2. Give an Inside Look at Your Business and Employees
  3. Promote Upcoming Events
  4. Stream a Live Event
  5. Tease New Products
  6. Answer FAQs

Important Tips

Before you begin shooting, make sure your content is actually something your audience will find interesting. Sitting in business meetings all day or a video of you stuck in your cubicle isn’t exactly the most captivating thing. Planning and rehearsal are key, so make sure you do a lot of it before pressing that live button. When it comes to actually shooting your video you can choose to use any stock mobile device and microphone, but you may also want to consider investing in some additional video and audio equipment better suited for the job. This can help you improve the quality of your video so the broadcast has more of a high-quality look and sound, which will keep your viewers tuned in longer.
If you are looking to revamp your marketing strategy and want to jump into using live video streaming, contact DofM to aid you with the planning and coordination.