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The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency Instead of an In-House Team


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There are many pros and cons to hiring an outside marketing agency for your business. However, in our opinion, the pros outweigh the cons by a lot. Think we’re biased? Read on to find out how you can benefit from hiring a marketing agency.

You don’t have to pay a full-time salary.

According to the American Marketing Association, salaries for marketing professionals can be quite expensive, especially with the experience one gains during a career. Add on top the cost of employee health care benefits, the cost of training and paid vacation days and you are looking at a significant figure (loaded labor rate) for the addition of only one or two more members of your team. By outsourcing to an agency, you can forgo those costs. Plus, you will get a lot more for your investment in the form of all the services an agency can provide such as SEO, social media, and video marketing. If you hire an internal marketing director, he or she will still require a marketing budget to pay for graphic design, website creation, and more.

You get a lot more bang for your buck than just marketing expertise.

As we mentioned earlier, an agency offers you a lot more than just a bit of marketing help. With an agency at the helm, you have access to expert content writers, SEO and social media professionals, and some of the best graphic designers money can buy. With an agency at your disposal, you can feel safe knowing that your business is in the hands of experts in their fields who know what they’re doing.

You can scale up quickly and easily.

Traditionally, if you want to increase the overall output of your in-house marketing team, you must hire more employees. Agencies on the other hand, don’t need to; they already have a network of employees and contractors who can be called upon at a moment’s notice if you want to employ a bigger or bolder marketing strategy.

You can keep up to date with all the latest marketing trends.

In-house marketing professionals find themselves so bogged down in day-to-day tasks that it becomes nearly impossible to stay afloat with new trends in the marketing industry. While it might be a nice luxury to have, it’s hard to afford the time to read up on the latest news in every aspect of marketing including SEO, content marketing, and branding. That’s where an outside marketing agency saves the day. For the most part, reputable digital marketing agencies take their industry very seriously and go to great lengths to stay abreast of the latest trends and changes.

You benefit from an outside perspective.

Working on the inside, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision, and it may become hard to think outside of the box after so many years in a company. Additionally, whether because of management or company structure, employees may over time find it harder to express new ideas or bring up concerns.An outside vendor can more readily express concerns or new ideas based on experience from other industries and companies similar to yours.

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