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How to Become an Intern at the Department of Marketing

The DofM hires one or two marketing interns each semester and one graphic design intern. While any job you apply for requires many of the same elements, here are some guidelines for getting the internship with us.

Our Process
We post jobs each semester (spring, summer, fall) on NC State’s e-pack jobs board. Please check there in the two months prior to the start of a new semester. Once we begin receiving resumes, we start sifting through them. If we have a lot of applicants, we might cut off the application deadline early, so don’t wait.

In the past, we’ve had some trouble with NCSU email addresses going to our spam folders, so if you don’t hear back, try again or try applying directly through the e-pack system. We will contact you within a week to confirm we received your application. We then contact some applicants for a phone interview. From there, we invite two to four people in to meet with us in person. We then select a candidate and inform you via email. We know you apply for more than one internship; if you accept another offer, please respect our time and let us know immediately.

Tips for Making the Cut
We receive a lot of applications. Think about how easy it is for us to say, “next,” and delete yours. Don’t make it easy for us:

  • Include all requested materials. When we post the job on e-pack, we require a cover letter, resume, and writing sample. The writing sample is important. Our interns do a LOT of writing, and we base part of our decision on this sample. Those who do not include a writing sample are not considered. If you do not have a writing sample, go out and create one by writing a pretend blog post for a pretend client.
  • Name your documents with your name, not ours. We have trouble keeping track of dozens of different documents labeled “Resume_DofM” or some variation. Please put your name in the file name. Anyone who does this gets a smile from us, and smiles mean you won’t get deleted.

    Two interns at the Department of Marketing.

  • Create a real resume. If you’re applying for a graphic design internship, your resume needs to look pretty. If you’re applying for a marketing internship, the design is less important. But something eye-catching may still score you a few more points. Either way, please have someone else spellcheck it and fill it out as fully as you can.
    • Real Mistake – We have received resumes with [fill in the blank here] on them. That means the person used a template and forgot to fill in the blanks. Don’t do that.
  • Prepare two or three references. You may not need them. We only ask these from those who get to the in-person interview stage. But be sure you have some ready so you are not scrambling. Be sure to ask the person so he/she knows we might be calling!
  • Prepare for the phone call. We schedule a specific time to speak with you by phone because we are busy. Also, we know interviews can be a bit scary, and we want to give you time to be ready. Respect our time by being ready for the call at the time we choose.
    • Real Mistake – One candidate answered the phone for his scheduled interview. He was at lunch with friends and asked if we could call back later. Nope.
  • Do some research. We know you apply to several internships, maybe dozens. Some you really want; some you just try because you need some experience. But we’re going to ask you what you think about us and why you want to work here. So do some research or you’re crossed off the list.
  • Ask a question. If you don’t have a single question to ask about us or the internship, you don’t seem interested. And we’re not interested in hiring you.
  • Wear professional clothing to the interview. Seems like a big duh, but some people don’t do this. Next, please.

Best of luck applying for our internship or any other!