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Balance Traditional and Digital Marketing for the Best Blend

Customers often ask us whether to focus on traditional or digital marketing. The answer is: it depends. If you drink coffee or wine or craft cocktails, you know that the best blends have a balance of flavors. Too much of one thing will throw the overall taste off. The taste you want people to remember varies depending on what type of coffee or wine you’re crafting. Your customers probably prefer and respond one type over another.

Marketing is much the same way. Although marketing is an ever-changing world, we can’t forget its roots. Marketing began with word of mouth, which is considered traditional marketing. Since then, we’ve added marketing strategies that focus on the Internet and social media, referred to as digital marketing. Each has its own pros and cons:

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing consists of business cards, print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, posters, TV/radio commercials, billboards, and brochures. It also pressreleaseincludes word of mouth, referrals, and networking. Traditional marketing may be considered old fashioned by some, but it often still works. Not all customers are comfortable using the Internet or social media, so there is still a demand for print ads and radio in today’s world. Traditional marketing is beneficial in reaching a local audience, but is more costly, harder to track, and is static. The main issue with traditional marketing is the fact that it is not easy to interact directly with the consumer.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes websites, social media, YouTube, banner ads, and pay-per-click. Digital marketing evolves as technology evolves, which is key in the technology world we live in today. One of the major benefits of digital marketing is the infinite

Photo by: Vincent Brown

Photo by: Vincent Brown

audience. By using digital marketing you are not limited to just the geographic areas surrounding your business. With digital marketing, the reachable audience is unlimited, providing more opportunity to grow. Another major benefit of digital marketing is the ease with which you can measure results. There are many tools at the disposal of companies today that can track and evaluate the online presence. This is important because it can show the business what is working and what needs improvement. The main issue with digital marketing is that it takes time to realize the measurable conversions.

Create Your Best Blend

Relying only on one method of marketing is not going to give you the best results. When it comes to digital marketing, magazines, books, and even banking are becoming more popular to do online, but that does not limit the need for physical books and banks. It is also now imperative to have a website in order to interact with the customers. By taking advantage of both traditional and digital marketing you have the ability to reach a larger audience through social media and websites, while still implementing traditional marketing strategies to reach the local audience.  

That means the question isn’t whether to focus on digital or traditional marketing, but which tools from each of those areas support your unique flavor?

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