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Avoid These 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

In the age of technology, it’s no secret that having a strong social media presence can be a powerful tool in the success of your business or organization. But, while some may think that social media doesn’t need much thought to be successful, this tool must be treated with the same care as any other part of your organization.

Below are 9 social marketing don’ts to make your social media work for you.


  1. Using Too Many Platforms. Once you begin your social media journey, you want as many followers and as much client reach as possible. But starting off on too many platforms can backfire because you won’t be able to keep up consistent, quality content with so much going on. In turn, this can lose followers and decrease reach. Instead, start off with the most popular platforms that fit into your business model. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are usually at the top for most used social media, but you may choose just two of those to get started.


  1. Not having a plan or structure. While social media may be a free, non-structured way to interact with family and friends in your personal life, it’s not operated the same way for business. You’ll want to put some thought into what you’re posting and schedule it ahead of time. Don’t overpost or you run the risk of annoying your current followers, but don’t post too sparingly or they may forget that you’re there. Take note of what days and times are most popular for your content and focus your scheduling for that general time frame.


  1. Using Social Media To Just Advertise YOU. It may sound counterintuitive, but social media isn’t just advertisements for your business. Social media is a way to connect with your clients (and potential clients!), so make sure you’re posting content that they would want to see. Articles, news, or even “Monday Motivation” could all be engaging and interactive content to keep your followers interested.


  1. Not Being Easily Accessible. Now that you have a few well thought out platforms ready to go, you want to make it easy for people to find you. If they can’t find you quickly, they can lose interest and move on, meaning you miss out on a new follower to engage. Try putting social media buttons on your website and other social media accounts as well. If you send newsletters or emails, you can try adding buttons there, too.      


  1. social mediaNot Interacting. Social media should be just that: social. Interacting will help to engage and connect with your followers. It will also prevent the feeling that they’re talking to a “robot” instead of a real person. You don’t have to reply to every single comment or “like,” just enough to keep the interaction.


  1. Paying For Followers. Some businesses become discouraged at the small numbers of followers and consider buying them to boost their numbers. These “followers” are bot accounts with no real person behind the computer screen. Paying for followers never works out. First, people often find out you did it. Second, the bots aren’t providing real engagement. Instead, try focusing more on the content and interacting with the followers you do have. It may be a slow process, but you can grow your following.


  1. Not Knowing Your Audience. Focus on posting and sharing content that your followers want to see. If you’re a veterinarian office, post helpful tips for training your dog or dealing with the anxiety of going to the vet. Think outside the box, but within the realm of what applies to your organization.


  1. Not Being Familiar With Trends Or Content You’re Sharing. You don’t understand the hashtag trending this week? What was that video challenge everyone was doing on Facebook? Before you share it, take a few minutes to look through and see what it’s really about. It may have a completely different meaning than what you intend. Check out this post of Social Media Marketing Mishaps to see what we mean.


  1. Not Proofreading. Just because it’s social media, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proofread. Sometimes small spelling errors or grammatical mistakes can turn people off of your content. Don’t waste all of your hard work and planning over a few mistakes. Take a few minutes to proofread before posting.


Bonus: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, goes hand-in-hand with social media marketing and can increase the amount of reach you obtain by making sure you’re at the top when people search online.


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