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Why You Should Not Listen to Your Parents: When No Does Not Always Mean No

In business, you will hear only one yes for every 100 “no”s. The ratio is not an excuse to hang up the phone after each no, but rather, view these nos as one step closer to your yes.

The 12 Stages of a Client Relationship

We have to laugh sometimes about the back-and-forth required to achieve our goals. Here’a fun infographic about a client relationship we sometimes experience. 

Four Tips to Make Facebook Work for Your Small Business

You have to go beyond the initial “like” and engage your customers constantly, and Facebook makes it easy (and inexpensive) to do just that.

Real-Time Marketing: 4 Examples of Smart Timing

Many think real-time marketing is purely focused on reacting quickly to a major event, such as the Winter Olympics, but real-time marketing can also be customer-driven.

Why Your Outdated Blog is More Important Than You Think

Small business owners may struggle to keep up with regular blog posts. But even an outdated blog should not be completely deleted.

4 Myths of Online Marketing

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe with so much conflicting information about online marketing. Let’s debunk four common myths.

Brand Building to Prevent Extinction

Everyone knows the biggest brand names, but few understand the importance of building a brand for their own company. Here is why you need a brand.

Learn from These Social Media Marketing Mishaps

A few companies (and major brands) have learned that one slip up on social media can become a viral disaster.

Brand Building Secrets from the Hurricanes’ Marketing VP

Carolina Hurricanes Marketing VP Doug Warf gives us the lowdown on promoting and branding one of Raleigh’s greatest pastimes.

Eating Our Own Dog Food with Content Marketing

Creating killer content is hard. We talk the talk, but we know just how hard it is for Raleigh companies to walk the content marketing walk.