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Market #LikeAGirl

GIRL POWER: What we can learn from these ladies’ 3 powerhouse advertisements.

Make Marketing Matter in 2015

Marketing with Shop Local Raleigh

We met recently with Jennifer Martin, executive director of Shop Local Raleigh, to talk about marketing for small businesses.

Happy Holidays from the DofM!

Content Marketing: Be Loud

Here is the thing my hippie mother taught me and that all these content marketing “geniuses” are talking about now — authenticity.

‘Crushing’ Facebook news that could save your life!

Aside from being the place to post all your selfless selfies, social media can also be used to save lives and alert others in emergencies. Social media has eclipsed phone calls as the quickest way to get in touch with someone. During emergency situations, I first turn to Twitter to get the latest updates. Now Facebook is getting its own safety check.

This blog post is for women!

Encompassing over half the world’s population, yet still a mystery to the other, women continue to baffle the minds of marketers. Men’s Health learned last week that even its male readers are sick of the same, lazy assumptions about the opposite sex.

Facebook to follow your virtual footprints

What you now do on Facebook will influence how you view the rest of the web. This week, in a continuing trend that prioritizes advertiser spending over user privacy, Facebook will begin using user data for its new ad network, Atlas, which will serve users ads on non-Facebook sites.

You, Too, Can Learn Content Marketing from U2

There’s a lot we can learn about content marketing from U2’s latest attempt (with the help of some other musicians).

#ItsASmallWorld of Hashtags

Hashtags have very practical and functional purpose to them and are not simply an aesthetic additive. How to use them intelligently.