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How to Know Whether Your Marketing is Working

How do you know if the time and energy spent on marketing was worth it?

New Partner Joins Downtown Raleigh Marketing Agency

Raleigh-based marketing agency The Department of Marketing has added a new partner, company leaders announced today.

Creating Your Business Logo: What You Can Learn from the History of Logo Design

Drafting a logo is no small feat. You’ll want to take into account current trends, but also be mindful of the timelessness of your logo. You want a symbol that will hold up just as your business will.

Do You Need Marketing Help?

Employing a successful marketing plan takes time, energy, and most important expertise. If you need marketing help, reach out to us today.

East Coast Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2019

We are continuously improving upon our marketing skill sets and knowledge base. One way we do this is by attending yearly marketing conferences. Here is a list of East Coast conferences in 2019.

What Exactly Are Google Beacons and Do I Need One for My Business?

If you received a Google beacon in the mail, here’s the scoop on what it is, how it works, and what it might do for your business.

Marketing Yourself: Which Résumé Format is Right For You?

Your résumé should be the best representation of your experience. Here’s how to choose whether to design a chronological or skills-based résumé.

How to Find Online Images for Your Blog Post and Website — Legally

Where can you find images online and how do you know if you’re using them legally? Here’s how to source images without neglecting Copyright laws.

7 Places to Meet in Raleigh for Happy Hour with Client

Do you want to meet your clients (or potential clients) out to a nice spot in downtown Raleigh for happy hour? Wondering what are the most raved about spots?

5 Best Raleigh Coffee Shops for Working Remotely

Want to step away from the office or home office and get work done? Need a good place to grab a local cup of coffee while enjoying some nice scenery?