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Website Design Trends for 2021

Let’s look at some of the website trends you should expect for the upcoming year.

How To Make YouTube a Part of Your Video Marketing Strategy

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, which means you should be using it in your video marketing strategy. Here’s how to get started.

DofM Team Transition: Hello, Ali and Good-bye, Jennifer

It’s been a time of change for many, and here at The DofM, things are no different. We have some team announcements: one exciting, one sad.

3 Things to Discuss with Your Raleigh Marketing Agency for the New Year

As we enter the new year, it’s time to start a conversation about growth and your new business goals for the year with your marketing team.

Happy Holidays from the DofM team!

The DofM team wishes you a happy holiday season. We are ready for you 2021. Bring it on!

5 Things to Change for the Responsive/ Mobile Version of Your Site

You probably know that having a quality website is one of the most important things you can do for your business, but did you know that being mobile-friendly can be just as crucial as having a site in the first place?

The Ways Dental Marketing Has Changed

Marketing changes every day, and dental marketing has seen massive changes this year. Let’s go over a few of the ways it has changed and some trends to make a note of as we move into 2021.

Dental Marketing: 5 Amazing Strategies for Finding New Patients

Implementing new dental marketing strategies for your office is a great way to see your business grow. Let’s go over the top five that The DofM recommends.

5 Critical Ways to Start Marketing Your Dental Office

Don’t waste time on marketing tools that don’t perform well for dental offices. Find out the 5 critical ways to get started on marketing your office.

10 Points to Consider as You Market in a COVID-19 World

Whatever happened to your business, marketing has changed. As you figure things out, consider the following.