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9 Tips to Hook Your Blog Readers

So you want to start a blog for your business? So does everyone else. Social media has turned into an empire for marketing and everyone wants a piece of it.

How do you compete when there is so much content at the fingertips of anyone who owns a computer, smartphone, or tablet? Follow these tips on how to hook your blog readers, and keep them coming back for more.

1)   Know your audience.

Think about the message that you want to get across before anything else. Straying away from your topic will confuse your readers and leave them wondering “why?”

2)   Headlines make a first impression.

You need to lure your audience in so they become interested. What is going to make them open your blog post instead of someone else’s? Use phrases that will get their attention. Get them to click and then catch them with your material.

3)   Don’t try to use big words.

“Professional” and “big words” do not always go hand-in-hand. Case in point: writing blogs. Always write to your average reader. You want the reader to get information clearly. Use simple words and short sentences. Your audience is from all different walks of life.

4)   Let your personality shine.GotCredit

We have all been there. Reading a passage and just thinking, when is this going to be over? Don’t let that happen. Be funny, smart, and creative. Don’t be afraid to add some controversy into the mix. Keep people guessing and you’ll have them craving more.

5)   Use current events.

Teach the reader something new. Your audience is researching something on their own; not being forced a history lesson in school. Don’t let your reader feel bored.

6)   Add relevant pictures, videos, and infographics.

These are all great tools that you can use to keep your reader interested. It lightens the load on the brain and gives a nice visual to help you get your point across. Paint a pretty picture or use graphs to help illustrate your point.

7)   Get to the point.

Blogs are not college research papers. No one wants to have to read multiple pages in order to get information. Focus on one thing at a time and don’t beat around the bush.

8)   Practice makes perfect.

Don’t let the first, couple of unsuccessful blogs you write, keep you from becoming an expert. Just like any other skill, practice until you get better!

9)   Be consistent and don’t settle.

If you are not happy with how your blog post has turned out. Don’t settle for it. Edit and rewrite until you know it is perfect for your readers.