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9 Tips for How YOU Can Get More Social Media Followers

According to Statista, there are nearly 1.96 billion worldwide social media users, a figure that includes nearly 78 percent of U.S. residents. With so many people online, it’s hard for businesses to not want to engage on social media, but the question is how to do it. Here are a few tips to help you attract more followers to your profile pages.

  1. Post original and relevant content.
    This may require a bit of time and out-of-the-box thinking here. Sharing other people’s content should absolutely be a part of your overall social strategy, but make sure to share your own relevant experiences and insights.
  2. Refer email subscribers to your social accounts.
    Occasionally, encourage your email subscribers to follow you on social media using a short blurb or e-blast feature. Some of your more loyal followers will love being able to hear more regularly from your business and what’s been going on in the day to day.
  3. Post often, but post quality.
    Across the many social media platforms the optimal posting times and post frequency differs a lot. Find out what formula works best for you by testing out different posting frequencies and seeing which ones result in the best engagement rate. Now while posting often is important, your audience will grow when you’re focused on sharing good, quality content that you know your audience will find interesting and be drawn to.
  4. Provide valuable insights without being an absolute know-it-all.
    Unique, valuable content that comes straight from the source always has a great chance of getting shared. Think about what info or insights you can provide based on your unique experiences and industry knowledge and find a way to leverage it.
  5. Share other folks’ content.
    If you share posts from other people or businesses they’ll be more likely to share yours. This works great for building relationships with other local businesses in the area as well for hearing about breaking news either in your industry or in your area.
  6. Post only your best on Instagram.
    Remember quality over quantity. Posting a bunch of low-quality pictures isn’t going to get you far with attracting new followers. Therefore, only share your photos that are the absolute cream of the crop.
  7. Be relatable, and funny.
    Behind every business is bunch of real people—so let your followers know that. One way of showing the human side of your company is to evoke a bit of humor into posts. Funny, happy content tends to always get a bunch of shares online. Just remember a little humor goes a long way; no need to be a comedian.
  8. Be responsive.
    No one likes to wait around for a response—especially not in the age of social media. Posting engaging content is great, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Being responsive to questions, comments, and yes even complaints in a timely manner also makes a huge difference.
  9. Hold contests and giveaways.
    Incentivize potential new followers by occasionally holding some sort of giveaway or contest for which being one of your followers is a basic requirement—or maybe the only one depending on what direction you choose to go in.

Bonus Tip: Remember that the number of followers you have doesn’t always translate into converts. It’s better to have a quality following of people who are more likely to buy your product or service than 10,000 who don’t care at all.

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