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8 Tips to Improve Your Personal LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn can be a strong networking tool if you wield it correctly. However, today we’re focusing on your personal page instead of your business page. While your business’ LinkedIn account should certainly be detailed and up-to-date, customers, competitors, and other parties in your industry will want to know more about the team behind it.

LinkedIn is, first and foremost, a social platform. Businesses don’t socialize; phone with LinkedIn on screenpeople do! LinkedIn is geared toward individual people making connections, and it’s often challenging to gain a large following for your business page. So make sure you and your staff are following these simple tips to keep LinkedIn pages shining.

Group Up – Join as many groups as you’d like, but make sure they’re active and have a solid community. Groups will keep you in the loop regarding upcoming events and hot topics and will show your followers what you’re involved in. If you’re hoping to make a job jump soon, this is also a good way to do some virtual networking! LinkedIn has made changes to groups, so keep an eye out. Some groups offer ROI, while others languish. Look for those that have an active discussion.

Get Real – Remember that your account isn’t meant to be your resume. While it’s smart to have a resume attached to your profile, your page itself shouldn’t be a dry list of your relevant skills. According to Forbes, your profile should be a personal summary of your past experiences and why you valued them. Showing a little personality will help set you apart from the masses — whether you’re looking for a job or your next client.

Look the Part – If you have a nice picture of yourself from last night’s concert, post it to Instagram, but leave the casual shots off LinkedIn. Invest in a professional headshot for your primary user image, and select something equally professional and appropriate for the header image. Use the highest quality image possible, as it’ll appear fairly small online. We don’t want anyone to miss your beautiful smile!

Keel Edits Quiet – If you’re adjusting your profile, make sure to adjust your posting settings, too. While a new job or endorsement is undoubtedly worth a post, every minor change is not. Followers don’t want to receive emails and notifications about all of your tinkerings, so turn your automatic posts off until you’re satisfied with the finished product.

Repeat Repeat Repeat – If you think you’ve mentioned the words “detail-oriented” enough, you haven’t. Restating your top skills and values will make it easier for other users to locate your profile and determine your skill set. (However, try to find some other ways to describe your talents. “Detail-oriented”? Demonstrate with some examples.)

Customize – What’s your account URL? If you haven’t already, customize your profile’s web address. Try using your name and business, or name and field of work. According to Huffington Post, will make your URL look clean, sound professional, and much easier to find.

Read Minds – Check out who’s viewing your account. Depending on your privacy settings, LinkedIn will usually notify you of this in your notifications section. Otherwise, you can view it in the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” feature on the Profile menu. See if there’s anyone who might be worth connecting with, or how you stack up against the competition.

Add Art – LinkedIn is not the most attractive platform, but you can work with what they offer by adding two images to each job listed. You can add up to five, but the way the images lay out on the page, your profile will look more even with either two images or five. Add presentations, videos, photos, and more to demonstrate some of your personality and work.

Creating your own personal brand is just as important as building your business’ brand. If you need help with either, contact us.