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7 Ways To Stand Out on Social Media

Social media started as a way for friends to share with each other, but it sure has changed in 10 years. Now, most business owners know they need to be online in some capacity.

But now that everyone is there, how do you stand out? You have to be unique, personable, and intriguing. Here are seven ways to get noticed in the crowd:


  • Be social. Many business owners want to remain formal and professional online. While that sounds good on the surface, the point of social media is to, well, be social. Shine a little light on the people behind the business. Your audience wants to connect to you. Show off your values and your character. People today are seeking authenticity.
  • Gain support from your community. Start with your fans and closest customers; ask them to follow you on social media. This will help you get going. The more supporters you have, the more followers you will gain.
  • Be interactive. Respond to your audience. Reply to every comment and tweet, especially if you are a new/small business. Show your audience that you care.
  • Get comfortable on camera. Don’t be shy. People want photos. Allow your followers a backstage pass on your life, business, event, etc. Give them an advantage for following you. Show them who you are through videos, vlogs, and pictures. This makes you relatable.
  • Be genuine. Stand up for what you believe in. Today, everyone has an opinion, so be genuine if you want to share yours. Let people know where you or your business stands if you are passionate about a cause. This can be controversial, but you will gain a following from people who agree with you or are impressed by your beliefs.
  • Customization. Don’t be predictable. Change up your recipe for success and surprise your audience. You may not be able to follow a concrete marketing plan, but this will keep your audience intrigued and engaged.
  • Be a good listener. Listen more than you talk. Let your audience share information with you and learn about what content they want or need. This allows you to get creative and be personable.


Our goal is to help each of our clients stand out and reach their audience. Contact us if you need help creating your online profile or ideas on improving your social media presence.