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7 Ways to Optimize Your Content

Content marketing is on the rise. Content can be the best selling point for your business and your competitive differentiator. It can be… really whatever you want it to be. That’s the beauty of content marketing. Use it to your advantage and share your online material to whomever you are targeting. Give them insight into a certain subject and make them engage with your business.

content marketing

Photo credit: ocd007 via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-ND

Get ready folks. Put your creative caps on and let’s discuss some ways to optimize your content marketing and increase your audience reach.

  1. Know your audience – Make sure you are making content for the right audience. Nothing is worse than spending all your time coming up with new, exciting ways to reach the wrong customer.
  2. Quality over quantity – Heard this saying before? We thought so. But, it is true. Making content just for the sake of making content will not do anything for your business. Make sure your content is attractive, unique, and motivational for your viewer. Posting “things” without any real value will only give you that reputation and deter people from ever visiting your site again.
  3. Stay currentWhat’s trending? The greatest question ever asked by content marketers. You don’t want to be the one posting something too late when everyone is sick of hearing about it. Do some web surfing, watch the news, and pay attention to what has people talking. Even if it doesn’t directly relate to your company or business, find an angle that might resonate well with your customer.
  4. Pay attention to SEO – Content marketing makes great strides for SEO. If your content is unique and relevant, Google will put your website closer to the top of the list when people search your targeted keywords. Key: make sure you provide links to other credible websites and blogs.
  5. Don’t just use text – Blogs and infographics are a great start to developing content. But you know what is doing even better right now? Video. Video reaches audiences 5 times more than blogs with text. Our attention spans are getting shorter every day so make it easier for you to get your message across.
  6. Have a call-to-action – With every good content piece comes a call-to-action. Not sure what this is? Simply put, give your audience an avenue to your business. Leave them wanting more at the end of your content piece, and give them contact info, links, or anything else that makes it easier for them to reach your business.
  7. Be social – One of the best ways to reach your audience and to get your content out on the world wide web is to use that thing… what do you call it? Oh yeah, SOCIAL MEDIA. You probably have a social media platform on your browser tab right now. It is a great way to get people to visit your website.

Does your website need some content TLC? Contact us today and let us evaluate how you’re doing. We can give you some pointers or help you create content that will bring in more revenue for your company.