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6 Tips for Creating Stand-Out Business Cards

Your business card gives a potential client or consumer a first impression of what to expect from your business, so it’s important to stand out with a striking business card. Even though we’re more often emailing or texting our contact info, the business card remains part of our networking and interactions.

A business card that stands out in the large pile on someone’s desk may help you capture more clients. Here are six tips for creating a fantastic business card to represent your company.


  • Keep it simple!
    Remove everything you do not need. Cluttered text will look ugly and confuse someone who just wants your phone number. You don’t need to include your Skype number, landline, business cell, personal cell, two email address, and all your work and personal social media accounts plus your two URLs. Instead, select the main ways you want people to reach you. If you network or hand out business cards for different purposes, create separate cards with different information.


  • Pay attention to the font size.Keep everything above 8 point font, or really, above 10. You don’t want your customer to need a magnifying glass to read your card. Your business card was more than likely give to your consumer to make their life easier, after all. If you use fun fonts or script, be sure they are clear and easy to read.


  • Use the back!
    Don’t leave the back of your business card blank! How many times have you flipped over a business card to see if there was any information on the back only to find a blank card? Use that real estate for your hashtag or tagline or other useful information.


  • Consider texture.
    What is going to be the first thing your customer will notice about your card? Most likely, the feel of your card! Anytime you can add a bit of texture to your business card, do it! It will be a nice surprise for whoever picks up your card. Glossy cards are popular, but we’ve also created some that feel like rose petals, with a velvet texture. We’ve also created cards made of wood and metal. Yours doesn’t have to be that unique but it’s good to add embossing and other details to stand apart.


  • Use your brand colors.
    Use your brand colors, but use them wisely. You might want a white card with designs and text in color — but it’s OK to go bold with a dark-colored card and white text as well. If your logo is mainly black and white, it is okay to leave your card black and white to match your brand. Keep up the color scheme of your logo and brand.


  • Card size and cuts may help you differentiate.
    To rise above in someone’s wallet, bag, or pile, find ways to make your card a little different. You might try rounded corners or use a smaller-than-usual business card size. Maybe your card is extra thick. There are many options for printing; ask about all your choices.

We love to design business cards so contact us for your next project!