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6 Marketing Blogs to Read (Besides Ours)

Want to know more about marketing your business? One of the best ways to learn how to reach more clients is to read the latest news and techniques on various marketing blogs. There are so many out there, it’s hard to choose which ones to read. Here are a few we recommend, both nationally and locally.

National Marketing Blogs
Heidi Cohen: Heidi is an experienced and passionate Chief Content Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide. Her blog includes information about social media, content marketing
and mobile. Her Actionable Marketing Guide helps readers gain high quality marketing information to improve their business.

Oktopost Blog: If you are looking for ways strengthen your social media presence, this is the blog for you. Oktopost blog offers you social media strategies and tips to generate more leads and engagement. While you might know the basics of social media and its importance to your company, it is crucial to stay on top of your game with the latest information and trends.


Vero: Do you need help building better email product? This blog has you covered with the best information and tips needed to effectively send your message to your audience. Topics covered in this blog: email automation, segmentation and CRM and data tracking. There are many social media and content marketing blogs out there, but email marketing is just one of the few categories you need to know more about!


North Carolina Marketing Blogs
Top 5 Media: Is a Charlotte, NC agency leaning towards helping smaller companies and nonprofits. Their blog posts are geared toward an audience with interest in marketing and public relations. Their posts range from event planning to social media marketing. If this sounds beneficial to you or your company, take a peek at their latest posts.

Blue Dozen Design: Is an Asheville, NC agency serving the universe — according to them. This marketing company has a blog teaching its audience the importance of art branding, web mastering and marketing. Nonetheless, their blog posts allow you to gain information while keeping it fun and conversational.

Raleigh Inbound Marketing: This is another marketing agency in Raleigh that prides itself in helping clients by finding market solutions to help their business grow. Their blog posts range from tips and strategies in marketing to social media. For example take a look at their post titled, “Simple Strategies For Making Your Event Marketing Campaigns More Successful” to improve your events.


Why are Blogs Important?
To learn more about marketing your business, choose blogs that cater to your goals and growth in business or marketing; however, that should not stop you from venturing to other sites. Gaining a variety of information allows more room for more creativity producing greater results in the workplace. Of course, we don’t want you to forget to take a look at our own blog posts, so be sure to add us to your RSS feed.

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