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6 Dos and Don’ts of Your Business’s New Website


DON’T: We all judge a book by its cover and your customers are no different. If your website design lacks consistency and professionalism, a study shows 94% of consumers will doubt the legitimacy of your business and postpone or cancel any purchase decisions. Say no to clutter! If your website is housing unorganized, outdated, or irrelevant information, it’s time to start deleting.

DO: Simplicity is in. Allow for easy reading and easy navigation on your website. Your number one priority should be presenting content that clearly informs customers while representing your brand excellently. Ask yourself, “Is the layout of my website confusing or does it distinctly direct and draw customers in?” For more ideas on developing a clean, yet impactful website design, see these award winning examples, here: http://goo.gl/EuWBZu.



DON’T: While incorporating specific keywords throughout your website such as in headings and hyperlinks is important, don’t start excessively stuffing keywords where they don’t belong and don’t make sense – Google will penalize you.

DO: However, if you are trying to rank higher on search engines, try to not only be wise in using those keywords, but update your website regularly. In addition, consider creating a site map so your website can be more easily crawled by search engines. Like we said before, if your website is full of unnecessary junk, chances are your website’s load time is longer than it should be… longer load times equate lower rankings on search engine results.



DON’T: Don’t assume your website is fine without a mobile-friendly update. More and more customers will be attempting to view your website from smart phones and tablets than from desktop computers. If your website doesn’t allow customers to easily navigate pages, read text, and make purchases, you can bet your customers will be moving on to your competitor’s website that does allow these options.

DO: Hire someone to optimize your website, ASAP! Several case studies have found that websites who are viewed on a mobile/tablet have doubled their conversion rates. Ensuring customers have a positive experience no matter what device they are accessing your website from will not only reduce your bounce rate, but drastically increase traffic. More traffic means more engagement and we know that more engagement means more sales. Optimize today!