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How to Use Google+ For Your Business

Google+, pronounced “Google Plus”, is a Google social networking platform that can maximize the visibility of a business on Google search pages. Google+ is not Facebook or Twitter; it is a completely different platform that aims to evolve how we communicate with the world. Google+ is not a platform to stay up to date on your old friends’ social lives or look up your long-lost love. Instead, Google+ encourages its users to build new relationships based on passions, interests, and careers.

Why you should use Google+

  • Google+ is supported by the biggest technology platform on the planet! Use this to your advantage, because whatever happens on Google+ will be prioritized by Google.
  • Everything you post on G+ is indexed by Google, which improves search engine results.
  • Your brand can participate in other communities by actively connecting with people and prospective customers instead of waiting for users to end up on your page.

How to use Google+

  1. Sign into your Google+ account
  2. Go to pages in the drop-down on the left and then click “My Business” at the top
  3. Click “Brand Pages” and then click the plus sign at the bottom righthand corner
  4. Create your Google+ page

What to do on Google+

  • Make your posts stand out by using bold, italicize, and an indentation along with attention-grabbing images.
  • Use visuals. Add pictures of your business’ headquarters to keep viewers engaged. Any images you post will show up on your search engine results page also. Reassure users of your online business by posting pictures of your office and your employees.
  • Actively grow your audience by adding people to your circle, so they (hopefully) add you to theirs.
  • Target your audience so your content reaches the right people.
  • Share content on your business page, and then use your personal account to spread the content to other communities. This personable aspect gives your business page more credibility.
  • Join communities. You can search for groups, public and private, that relate to your location and interests.
  • Claim authorship with rel=publisher tag. This links your website to your Google+ page, so your page shows up on the right side of the window and viewers can see quick information about your business immediately.
  • Put a +1 button on your site. Getting people to share and click the +1 on your website improves Google search rankings.

If you are a business owner, take advantage of this platform. Spread the word about your business or product to circles of people who are already interested. Contact us, we would be happy to help start or manage your Google+ account.