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4 Ways Your Company Can Beat the Big Guys


The face of all the industry big wigs when they find out you’ve got their number


Size matters — at least in the business world. There are top companies in every industry imaginable and it can be tough for small businesses to get a leg up on the big guys. You know the ones, the companies with huge marketing budgets, that are highly recognizable in their fields and have hundreds of smart, well-paid employees at their disposal. As a small business owner it is undoubtedly really hard to compete with all of that. But there are a few things that can give you a boost on the Big Boys out there.

Get edgy, be bold

In many industries, marketing has gotten stale. Everyone’s doing the same thing and no one really stands out for their advertising. In this landscape, there is a opportunity for someone to be a bit more unpredictable.This is where a smart, innovative marketing strategy comes in handy. Are you willing to take a chance, be creative? As Ann Handley says, “The big, missed opportunity in content is playing it too safe.”

Pick a lane and dominate

The Big Guys are everywhere; there’s no getting around it. Obviously you need to choose your “lane” when it comes to your business and dominate there. But if you can also choose one marketing platform and do it better than nearly any of your competitors, then you are in a great spot. Social media is one example. As a smaller company, you can adapt quickly and creatively to any trending topics in a timely manner. Being smaller also allows you greater accessibility to your base so you can stay tuned into them a lot more closely than larger companies can.

Stick to your core

Another thing about these large companies is that they have to throw out a wide net when promoting themselves. You however, can be more selective. You know exactly what your target audience likes so why not try to spend more time nurturing that bond than advertising to those who simply don’t care? Keeping your core audience engaged should be your number one task, not trying to make yourself appealing to any and everybody. Some people won’t get it and that’s OK. That’s not your audience and those aren’t the people that will be loyal, repeat customers.

Be agile

Big companies are usually just that — big and slow to make changes. As a smaller company you are in a prime position to adjust quickly and efficiently to changing preferences in your consumer base. Use this to your advantage and up play this feature across everything.


Combine all of these features and you have the makings for an industry underdog to become the industry superstar! But getting there takes work and the careful alignment of strategy and tactical skills. Don’t go it alone: Contact us to be your department of marketing.