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5 Things to Do after Deciding to Redesign Your Website

Think about walking into your grandmother’s living room, which still contains furniture from a past decade. You can see that it’s out of style. Something about it feels displeasing.

Your website is your businesses’ living room, whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or not. Consumers will make decisions and gather first impressions about your product or service based solely on your website. If it doesn’t look professional, has unaesthetic colors, or has a slow load speed, users will look elsewhere. This is why it is important to redesign your website now and then. (Plus, the code on the back end probably needs to be updated, too.)
people sitting around a table considering website design

Website Redesign Challenges

Raleigh business owners often come to The DofM ready for a redesign. But then what? We often find people unsure about how they want their website to look or operate. We understand; with so many choices, how do you figure out what you want? The problem is that many people end up halfway through a website redesign and then change their minds because they find something else they like better.

Discover Your Style
Here are steps you can take to help you figure out your website redesign.  

    1. Research competitors’ websites. Take a look at what your competition is doing. What do you like about it? What do you dislike? We build websites that help you stand apart, but if a competitor has a feature you know is useful to customers, take notes about it. Think about colors, video, the menu bar.
    2. Research other websites. You may find inspiration in a variety of places. You don’t want to look exactly like every other business in your industry. Dig around on other websites, taking some time to note color schemes, navigation, and presentation. What appeals to you? Important: Make a list of things you dislike about certain websites, too.  
    3. Think about your goals. Is the goal to drive people to your physical location or are people buying directly online? Is your goal to get someone to call or email you so your sales team can close the deal or is your sales funnel long, requiring a lot of time for buyers to consider options?
    4. Consider your content. Users visit a website to make a decision or get information so they can make a decision. If you were buying your product or service, what would you want to know?  Many business owners include pages of content that have no value. Examine your analytics to discover what types of content people find helpful. Think about your own shopping experience next time you purchase a service or product. What questions did you have that you can answer? Ask your sales team what questions they hear often.
    5. Think about your image. What image do you want to project? Ideally, your image is a combination of who you are and whom you are targeting. Make sure the two blend together to form something that resonates. (We can talk about branding if you haven’t already worked on that for your business.) Some words to consider:
      • Image: Traditional
, Contemporary
, Cutting edge
, Conservative
, Formal, Casual
, Serious
, Friendly
, Corporate
, Personal, Expensive
, Affordable
      • Style: Serene
, Spiritual, Powerful, Professional
, Hip
, Classic
, Elegant
, Funky, 
, Natural/Organic, 
, Frivolous, Fun, 
, Muted
, Soft, 
, Authoritative
, Delicate
, Energetic , Historical, Festive
, Fanciful

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