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5 Things to Avoid When Managing Your Company’s Social Media

Did you know that 35 percent of all the time spent online is spent on social media? Businesses are expanding their marketing strategies through various social media platforms and reaching audiences they would have never reached before. You probably already know some social media basics: that you should answer all customers’ questions, post educational and valuable content, and watch your social media pages around theclock. But do you know what to avoid when managing your company’s social media?

  1. Avoid focusing too much on the size of your audience.

Businesses that merely aim to grow the number of followers or likes are short-sighted. When people are encouraged to follow your Instagram account only to enter a contest, and then they don’t win, you may end up losing a large number of followers. If you create a community, reply to customers, and share valuable content, your audience will grow on its own and sustain.

  1. Avoid getting defensive.

You’ve probably seen one of the many articles poking fun at brands that feel compelled to share their opinion on every world event or holiday. Some things are better left unsaid, and most major news events don’t require a comment from your company. Sometimes it’s better to let individual employees, influencers, or other customers in the community go before or instead of you. If you jump in at the wrong time, you might send the wrong message. In other words, choose your conversations wisely. On the other hand, if someone had a bad experience and needs customer service help, jump in right away.  

  1. Avoid repurposing content on every channel.

Have a great idea for a video or graphic? Great! But don’t post it everywhere your brand has a presence. Each social network has different capabilities and audiences. If you publish the same thing on every channel, you give people no incentive to follow you in multiple places. Who wants to see the same thing four times? NO ONE.

  1. Avoid just setting it and forgetting it.

Social media messages are living, breathing communications that require responses after the fact. Scheduling five messages for the rest of the day and then not checking social won’t cut it. Isn’t the point of social media to be, well, social? Make sure you prioritize time to follow up with customers who take the bait and reply to your content.

  1. Avoid limiting your view of social media to marketing.

Great social media goes beyond traditional marketing objectives and across your entire business. One area where social media provides massive improvements is in customer service. If you’re responding to feedback and service issues in a timely fashion on social, this will provide measurable and valuable returns. For most companies, resolving customer issues via social media is much cheaper than phone or email. Studies also show that customer retention increases when customers receive quick replies on social. So measure these areas, and not just how many Facebook subscribers signed up for your email list.

Remember focus more on quality than quantity, pick your conversations wisely, and make sure you prioritize. If you want many more social media tips to up-level your company’s online presence or have any questions, please contact us today!