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5 Signs You’re Too Busy for Marketing (and What To Do about it)

Business owners are busy, and sometimes, marketing is an afterthought. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. You come into your office in the morning with the intention of posting on social media only to realize eight hours later you haven’t done it.
  2. Your sales team keeps asking for new brochures. They’ve been on your desk for three weeks, waiting for your final approval.
  3. Your website and/or logo needed to be recreated three years ago. You should get around to that one of these days …
  4. You’re not sure what PPC or SEO means, but you have the vague feeling you should do something about that.
  5. You’re doing some advertising here and there, but it all feels disconnected, like several pieces from different puzzles.

Why That’s a Problem (and What To Do)
People are often eager to “work on their marketing” during dry spells. Only then does it seem like a good time to focus on finding more clients, getting your brand out there. But here are some harsh truths:

  1. It’s never going to “calm down” enough for you to have the time.
  2. If it does, it’s probably too late. Your dry spell has become the drought that will close your business.
  3. We can help during dry spells. But we can’t fix a full-scale drought without more money than you’re willing to spend.

Instead of waiting “until tomorrow” or “until next week” or “until I have time,” you’re just going to have to start marketing. Here are some ways to get going.

  • Make a list of all your marketing efforts and who is responsible. (Hint: If your name is next to all of them, you probably need some help.)
  • Choose one thing on which to focus. Start with what you know is already working well for your company.
  • Select one thing you know is not working and stop doing that for now. Even if you feel like it could work if you do x, y, or z, why waste the money when you’re not investing the time?
  • Delegate something. That might be a to-do related to marketing, or it might be a task on one of your other lists. (Furthermore, make sure the things that are on your list are all actually your job. Is it time to talk to your boss about your workload? If you’re the boss, is it time to hire another team member?)

Are You Ready to Hire a Raleigh Marketing Agency?

Of course, we think you should hire us to help, BUT only if you’re ready to commit to marketing. Yes, we can help with just about all of your marketing, but we still need your participation. You must meet with us, talk to us, offer stats and input from the front lines. We have worked with managers who are too busy to give us any information, and it never works out well. We put in our best effort without them, send them reports that go unread, ask questions and never get answers. After a year those people turn around and say, “Wait, why am I paying for this? I do not see any difference.” We know. Because you’re too busy for marketing.

Ready to stop saying “I’m too busy”? Contact us and find out how.

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