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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Infographics

Consumers today are in a constant state of content overload, thanks in part to increasing sources of content marketing. With just a few clicks of a mouse, your Raleigh consumers are instantly connected to thousands of sources of data from all over the world. With so much information floating around, how do you get your brand to stand out? Much less, how do you get your target consumers to read what you have to say?

Infographics may be part of the answer. Infographics present quality information in a visually appealing format and can help marketers and Raleigh business owners maximize their content marketing strategy.

Check out five other reasons infographics are worth a try:

1. They are compelling and eye-catching.
About 65% of the population are visual learners, and marketers only have a second to catch their eye. Consumers are much more likely to stop and look at a graphic representation of data rather than a large block of text.

Infographic of Infographics

Infographic of Infographics

2. They are easy to read and understand.
In a “140 characters or less” world, marketers and business owners must find a way to present their content in a concise format. Infographics present all the facts and figures without all the clutter and confusion.

3. They contain a large amount of data in a small space.
Marketers have the daunting task of presenting content in an enticing way. Infographics do just that. They can portray complex and detailed information with just a few charts and images, and you don’t have to cut out any important data.

4. They increase brand awareness and drive traffic.
Infographics can be used as any other piece of content marketing by creating brand awareness and driving traffic to your website or blog. Linking your infographic will increase your rank in search engines and Google image searches, driving more customers to your site.

5. They are easily shared.
Infographics can be linked to any website or blog and can be reblogged or repinned to sites such as Pinterest. This opens a brand new market that could never have been reached by traditional print media.

In a world with a constant flood of information, infographics can make your brand stand out from the rest. Now it’s your turn to find out how infographics will take your business to the next level! Contact the DofM team today!