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5 Must-See Places at NC State University

One of the things The Department of Marketing loves about Raleigh is the proximity to NC State University. Each semester, we hire two marketing interns from the NCSU marketing program.

Since its founding in 1887, North Carolina State University has been an integral part of the Raleigh community. More than 33,000 students from all over the world have come to earn their degree from one of the University’s 10 colleges. While the campus contains quite a bit of brick, there are also many unique buildings and landmarks that define the historical, yet innovative campus. What many don’t realize is that it’s an open campus, and Raleigh residents who get the chance should walk its grounds. Our intern team reports that these are the five must-see places:



The NC State Memorial Bell Tower lit red

The Memorial Bell Tower after a win against Duke University on January 23rd, 2017.


Memorial Bell Tower


The cornerstone of the Memorial Bell Tower was placed in 1921 and construction was completed in 1937. It was built to pay homage to an alumnus who lost his life in World War I. The only time the bell has rung was in 1941 when students broke in and rang it to celebrate a basketball victory over UNC. Now, it is tradition to light the Bell Tower red as a symbol of success when NC State athletic teams win a game. In 2018, officials announced that the bell tower will finally get its full installation of bells and a renovation.






The Court of North Carolina filled with American flags

Photo by @ncstate



The Court of North Carolina


The Court of North Carolina is informally known as the Court of Carolinas. The quad sits directly in between the 1911 Building and the Memorial Bell Tower. The expansive grounds were previously a cow pasture, but now provide broad grassy space where you can often find students lounging on warm, sunny days. In the fall of 2017, more 1,000 American flags were placed in the grass in the Court of Carolinas in honor of Veterans Day.





The Wolf Ears

The Wolf Ears are two structures located in NC State’s Brickyard, in front of D.H. Hill Library. They sit 40 feet apart and are designed so that acoustics can travel from one “ear” to another. Even if you whisper in one “ear,” an individual sitting in the other can hear it loud and clear! Try it with a friend.





The Talley Student Union on the NC State Campus

Photo by @ncstate

The Talley Student Union

Talley Student Center opened in 1972, but in more recent times received a facelift. Phase 1 was completed in 2013, and all renovations were complete as of 2015. The student center is now home to the campus bookstore and several dining options. The new design devoted plenty of space for students to relax, socialize, and study. There are also numerous ballrooms where students can host and attend on-campus events. (We’re also pleased to work with ColeJenest & Stone, the firm that designed and created the new Student Union.)



James B. Hunt Jr. Library on NC State's Centennial Campus

Photo by @ncstate

James B. Hunt Jr. Library

James B. Hunt Jr. Library opened in 2013 on NC State’s Centennial Campus. The award-winning library is home to the revolutionary bookBot which is a robot that receives requests from Hunt Library’s online platform and can retrieve the book and deliver it within minutes. Time Magazine called Hunt Library “the library of the future,” and it was awarded a National Medal by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2016.





These five locations are just a few of the sights you’ll see around NC State. Take a walk through campus one day and experience a taste of what it’s like to be a part of the Wolfpack. (For a literal taste, stop into the Talley Student Union and grab some Howling Cow ice cream. You’ll thank us later.)

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