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4 Seasonal Email Campaign Ideas To Inspire You

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The festive season is upon us! Overpriced markets, last-minute shopping, and too much eggnog — Christmas is here with all its trappings, and that includes the traditional festive marketing bonanza from brands.

Seasonal email campaigns tap into national events to drive sales and increase brand engagement. The most successful seasonal campaigns are creative, quirky, and unique. So as the New Year fast approaches, what better time of year is there to look at some seasonal email campaigns to inspire yours?

Here are four campaign ideas that you can use for your seasonal marketing next year:


For brands, Christmas is basically, er, Christmas. With annual spend expected to reach more than $1,000 per shopper on average this year, it’s a chance for businesses from virtually every industry to massively boost their profits.

Every year, brands try and outdo each other with bigger and better Christmas ads. But for small businesses, sometimes less is more.

To start with, hit your customers hard with a countdown to Christmas ticker. Add that to a subject line of “only 74 more days until Christmas!” and you’ve got a sense of urgency that will compel your customers to start spending.

Ramp this up with a short-term loyalty scheme, where customers are awarded points when they purchase between the beginning of fall and the arrival of December. These points can be used during December, keeping them spending with you in the months up to and including Christmas.

Finally, change up your usual email design with little festive touches, like a bit of tinsel here and a Santa hat there. Check out the example from Lost My Name (now Wonderbly) below:

Image: Really Good Emails

The addition of holly sprigs in the corners aren’t excessive, but they subtly bring to mind the festive season for the recipient. These visual elements appeal to your customers’ festive sensibilities and get them in the Christmas mood, ready to start shopping.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Perhaps the busiest sales event after Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) regularly see record sales for brands. A great seasonal email campaign helps you get the most from BFCM, so it’s important that you start early.

BFCM marketing is driven by hype, so appeal to that buzz in every one of your marketing emails. The example from BaubleBar below is a fine example of this:

Image: Really Good Emails

Each element exudes hype: from the exclusivity of “VIP access” and the urgency of “12 hours only” to the glittering promise of 35% off everything,” it practically orders the reader to start spending. Indeed, the imperative “Shop Now” literally tells the recipient to buy.

BFCM is all about the buzz, so don’t be afraid to ramp it up in your email marketing campaigns. Use a good email template to organize your special offers for maximum prominence, and add in a countdown timer to create urgency.

And be sure to remind your customers that stocks are limited to appeal to their fear of missing out (FOMO). There are some great examples of FOMO in play here to inspire you.

As BFCM is so close to Thanksgiving, consider adding a little pilgrim twist to your marketing too. A subject line like “don’t be a turkey this Thanksgiving – 77% off this Black Friday!” is a nice humorous line that will resonate with savings-savvy consumers.

Valentine’s Day

You don’t need to be a sentimental card company or cutesy teddy bear manufacturer to drive sales on Valentine’s Day. Businesses of any industry can put a Valentine’s Day spin on their email marketing campaigns.

I don’t need to tell you the hallmarks of a Valentine’s Day email campaign: hearts, cherubs, deep red colors throughout your design. Not everyone buys their partner perfume and chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Whatever you sell, position your products as the perfect gift for your customer’s loved one, whether you’re selling hand-roasted coffee beans or even Tupperware.

But to really drive up sales, target your campaigns to those who are likely to convert, specifically those in relationships. Use customer relationship data drawn from social networks to target customers in relationships for more effective Valentine’s Day marketing.

But for some businesses, the traditional mawkish Valentine’s Day marketing doesn’t quite fit in with their branding. In some cases, a humorous approach can work just as well as a sentimental one.

Acknowledge the singleton customers out there who don’t have anyone this Valentine’s Day and give them a discount code “because you love them, even if no-one else does.”

And if they don’t use the code, set up an automated email marketing workflow to chase them up with a “was it something we said? :(“ subject line.

While this won’t work for every brand, it will work perfectly for businesses with a wicked brand personality.


As we all know, Easter is the time of year where we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead and feeding the multitudes with seven chocolate bunnies…

Okay, so while that’s not entirely true, it’s still a hugely important seasonal event for brands to drive up sales. And it’s not just for those selling chocolate either. Regardless of your product or service, you can inject your email marketing with a little Easter fun.

For example, the world of web development doesn’t immediately lend itself to Easter. But look at the example from PSD2HTML below:

Image: Really Good Emails

This is a shining example of how any brand can use an apparently unrelated seasonal event in their marketing. PSD2HTML gamify their marketing by turning it into an Easter egg hunt, offering their customers a discount code that’s hidden somewhere on their website.

What really makes this technique great is that customers will need to sift through multiple pages to find the Easter egg, including product pages. Their interest will surely be piqued by something they like, making that egg even more desirable.

Your Turn

Seasonal email campaigns aren’t for Christmas — they’re for life. Get creative with your email marketing and inject some seasonal spirit to drive sales and ramp up engagement for your brand.