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4 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

Email marketing is just one aspect of your total marketing plan. But if you feel like your messages are sent into the void with no noticeable return, you might be doing something wrong. Here are four common problems that render email marketing worthless:

Poor Subject Line – Studies show 33% of people open an email based on subject line alone. And 69% of people report an email as spam based only on the subject line. Yikes! Keep your message out of the spam box and get your message opened.

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  • Spend most of your time on the subject line. Really think about what would get people’s attention.
  • Fear is a great motivator. Consider using words that convey urgency or tell people to avoid something negative.
  • Avoid these words: quick, you, meeting, fw (forward).
    Use these words: free, tomorrow. (Though “free” sometimes gets you in the spam box.)
  • Feeling daring? Try no subject line at all. One study showed an 8% higher open rate in that case.

No Measurement – You say your email marketing isn’t working, but how do you know? Be sure you have a way to measure opens and clicks. Can you software tell you who opened, how long he or she spent reading the email? Your sales team can follow up with those people. Email software also enables you to test different subject lines and different times of day. While some things are known to work better than others, your audience is unique. Test, test, and test again so you can figure out how to get your highest click rates.

No Site Link – Think of your email content as a tease, enticing a reader to click to your site to read more. But you have to offer a link to your site for that to work. And if the entire email is all there, why would they bother? Instead, offer the first few paragraphs of your email and include a “read more” option that leads to your website.

No Call to Action – Every email should include a clear call to action. What do you want your email readers to do? What is your end goal? If you want them to click on the “contact us” page of your site, be sure that is obvious. If you want them to sign up for a free consultation, be sure to have a way to do that. Or, if they are clicking to your website to read the rest of the email, make sure the call to action is listed there.

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