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4 Myths of Online Marketing

Pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, and website analytics are just a few of your options when managing online marketing for your business.

1. Great content is enough.
Many small businesses out there think if you build it, they will come. But that is not the case, no matter how great the content you produce. Great content does not translate to more visits to your site, more customers, or more sales. It is not enough to have great content because lots of sites have great content. You have to promote it and push it on your social media sites, forums, or other websites that your customer visits. The goal is to drive people to the wonderful content you create. When planning your content strategies and budget, be sure to allot for promotions. Otherwise, you’ll have great material that no one ever sees.

2. Lots of web traffic = sales.
Just like in a physical store setting, a lot of traffic on your website does not convert to more sales. Using site visits as a way to measure success is sure to lead to disappointment. Quality is greater than quantity in this scenario. Low numbers of high-targeted traffic are better than thousands of people visiting your site and not converting. Focus on having more targeted traffic and also look at other website stats such as bounce rate or time of visit. This will give you a better idea of how many people are genuinely interested in your brand and could lead to sales or conversion.

SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing chart

Image by Nicholas Tart: http://14clicks.com/seo-social-media-email-marketing/.

3. Email marketing is dead.
One might assume with the rise of social media and mobile apps that email marketing has become an old, forgotten trick. But that is far from true. According to a survey by ExactTarget, 91% of consumers check their email daily, and 48% open emails on a mobile device. This means that your message is literally delivered right into their hands. Also, for a consumer to receive your company’s emails, they must have given you permission. Email marketing goes directly to the consumers that are interested in learning about your company and your products, so why not reach out to them?

4. Social media isn’t necessary for my type of business.

While it is true that some businesses lend themselves to social media sites better than others, everyone can benefit from a presence on those sites. While your target market may not be connecting with businesses on sites like Twitter or Facebook, it is always a good idea to be on those sites for ranking purposes. Having a social media site in an industry where no one else does helps you to outrank your competition and build your online reputation. You can become an industry leader on these sites by creating related content, commenting on topics in your field and networking. And who knows, maybe you’ll tap into a whole new market!

If you have been operating under these myths maybe it’s time to rethink your idea of online marketing. Have you heard any other “myths” about online marketing that you want us to set straight? Let us know! Share in the comments or join in on our Facebook or Twitter pages.