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4 Effective Marketing Trends that Aren’t Going Away

Marketing has gone through many changes since the days of Mad Men. (Though we wouldn’t say no to keeping a bottle stashed in the desk drawer.)

While some marketing trends hit hot and flare out quickly, others stick around for awhile. Today, there are four top trends that will continue to be successful for some time: video, content, data, and mobile.

Video – The use of video grew exponentially in 2016 and that hasn’t stopped. Video includes live streaming, 360-degree video, and videos in emails. Videos can be more personal, as you can take your potential customers behind the scenes, which increases customer loyalty. People want to see the product and experience the product, not read about it.

Content marketing – Ugh, the buzzword we all love to hate. But content is still important for search and your audience. Content marketing trends include virtual reality, which allows you to be immersed into a new situation synthetically. There is also augmented reality, which has come into our world through apps like Pokémon GO and Photomath, an app that solves your math problems after scanning it. Interactive content (those addictive Buzzfeed quizzes) is also popular because the customer is engaged.

Data – There are all kinds of data, big and small, but the important trend is data personalization. Make sure you gather data from your customers, clients, website visitors, and more. You know this is happening in your own world; data gathered online is used to show you Facebook ads for the products you searched for on Amazon. Cross-channeling data to customize the customer’s shopping experience will increase their chance of making a purchase.

Mobile – Most businesses have mobile-friendly sites, but some of you are still lagging on this. Get with the times fast — or get left behind. To get more hits off of google searches and more website visitors, you need to optimize your site for devices other than desktops and laptops. Join the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to capitalize on the majority of Internet use. Plus, you can use the right message at the right time with location marketing, also known as contextual marketing. By using geo-targeting, geo-fencing, and beacons, you can target a customer by their location. For example, Waze, an app for directions, advertises activities and restaurants nearby while you are driving.

As these trends become more powerful over time, remember we are here to help you use these tactics to your advantage. Contact us and let us make your marketing strategy more effective.