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3 Signs You are Ready to Commit to Marketing

Business owners often get going on their business and then think about marketing later. While we don’t advocate that approach, we understand how it happens. But when your business starts to grow (or doesn’t!) and you decide you want marketing, be sure you are fully prepared to commit, because marketing is a long-term relationship.

marketing strategyWe love working with businesses that are growing or those seeking to reach new audiences. But when we ask a few questions to put together a proposal, we often discover the business owner has cold feet.

These may sound harsh, but we want your marketing to work. So here are three signs you are ready to commit to a marketing campaign:

  1. You have a marketing budget. As you get going, you set aside money for overhead, taxes, and other crucial needs. For some, marketing feels like an “extra.” “Oh, we’ll just spend as we need to,” you think. No. Marketing requires its own line item (or a few) and here’s why: You can’t just advertise one month and be done with it. You can’t just dip your toe in with $200 and expect results. You might as well throw your money in a hole; you’d have the same effect. As we said, marketing is a long-term relationship — at last if you want to succeed. We created a blog post and infographic on how to set a marketing budget to help you out.
  2. You are willing to listen to ideas. When you hire someone to build your deck, you trust them as an expert to pour the concrete footings and know about the correct rise ratios for the stairs. Marketing teams work hard at their jobs, too, and they want to help you succeed. Naturally, we want your input because you are the expert about your business. We also want to know about designs you like and dislike. But when you pay someone to give you advice, whether it’s us or anyone else, it makes sense to try it. If you’re just going to ignore it, why did you hire marketing help anyway?
  3. You have clear goals. Are you seeking to increase general awareness of your brand? Are you just entering the online marketing world? Is it all about the number of conversions? “I hate my website,” is a good reason to hire a Raleigh marketing agency. But what does your website need to do? Is it a brochure, a lead generation tool, or a place where people can check your credibility? Know what you want to get out of marketing so we can create the best plan to help you get there. After all, you might eventually end up in China if you just start meandering around, but you’ll get there faster (and more cheaply) if you have a plan and a path.

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