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3 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

When deciding to start up their own business, most entrepreneurs don’t immediately hire a marketing team. First, they decide on their trade or product. Next, they figure out how to produce it. Hopefully, in this day and age, they create a website and maybe make a Facebook page. At some point they might realize that if they want more customers, they had better brainstorm some ways to market themselves. Some small businesses even do exceptionally well at marketing themselves, while others struggle. As his or her business takes off, the owner must face a decision: keep his or her marketing in house or outsource it to the pros.

It’s time to hand it over to the pros when:

1. You are not up to date or especially knowledgeable with social media outlets. Right now social media is one of small businesses’ most valuable tools. Social media allow businesses to form stronger relationships with customers and also provide a fast and easy way for customers to find and share information; which is why it is immensely important to build a social presence online. In addition, social media and blogs increase your SEO, or search engine optimization. However, managing these accounts can prove to be a lot of work, especially if you aren’t familiar with using these outlets or have not had training. When hashtags and filters begin to take your focus away from your core competencies, let the pros do your work for you.

2. Sales are steady, but growth is slow. You’ve done everything you can and pulled every string you had, but now you don’t know what to do next. You have a hard time finding new customers and expanding into new markets. When you hire a marketing firm you not only get a team of experts, but you also get a fresh perspective that may lead to ideas you would have never imagined yourself.

3. You have a great idea for a business. You know that there’s a fountain of potential for your product or service, but you just don’t know how to get it out there. You may have taken a marketing class in college, but when it comes to the real world you feel clueless on where to start promoting your business. Call a firm and let them help you take your company to the next level. They can help you plan, strategize, and get your business off the ground.

The “aha, it’s time to call the pros” moment occurs at different times for every business owner. However, deciding to make the call may be the best decision you can make. Worried about the cost? Check out our post, Outsourcing Marketing Can Be Cost Effective.