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3 Reasons It’s Time for a New Website

The way your website is built might be costing you business — and not just because it looks terrible. As a Raleigh marketing company, we often encourage our clients to create a new website. They may think we’re dreaming up ways to make money, but actually, we have good reasons for suggesting a renovation:

1. Technology changes – If your site is more than a few years old, it might be built in a way that pushes it down the search result rankings. For example, we recently revamped a website that was built on an old html platform. The site performed very poorly in search results. If you want people to find you on Google, build a site that works with the today’s system. Cars used to have carburetors. Today they use fuel injection systems. Website technology changes, too.

The DofM recently completed work on Bond Roofing's website. Although the appearance is very similar, the way it's built is much more search friendly.

The DofM recently completed work on Bond Roofing’s website. Although the appearance is very similar, the way it’s built is much more search friendly.

2. Tastes change – Websites are a brochure for your company, and the appearance is very important. Just as bell bottoms are no longer on store shelves, the hot website look in 2001 is not what people find appealing today. A site people find unattractive is likely to have a much higher bounce rate. If visitors are bouncing off your site, they probably aren’t converting to paying customers.

3. Behaviors change – People are visiting your website on mobile devices. You know this, and hopefully, you have already made sure your site is optimized for it. (Otherwise, you’re not doing well in search rankings. See point No. 1.) How else are they behaving differently? Aside from making your site easier on mobile, what other modifications are necessary to keep them on the page or to get them to click and buy?

More people are turning to the Internet for solutions and shopping, which means your website should be your top priority. Whether it’s a quick face-lift, an under-the-hood fixer, or an entire reconstruction, the Department of Marketing can help.

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