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12 Ways Your Business Can Leverage the Halloween Spirit

Boo! See it’s easy to attract attention around the spookiest time of the year: Halloween. The holiday season helps every business, so have some fun and start the holidays early by celebrating Halloween!

The holidays give business owners a chance to reach out to customers differently and possibly gain new customers by being unique. Here are some ways to embrace the Halloween spirit:

Business to Business

  • Prepare your sales team. The end-of-year sales can help a business tremendously for the coming year. Make sure your team has the content they need to close deals.
  • Get personal. Stand out from the crowd and give your marketing strategy a holiday makeover. Be concise, make the audience care, and tell them how they can take action.
  • Give your social media a costume. Disguise your online presence with a Halloween theme. Change your website or logo for the occasion and share a photo on your social media of your team in the Halloween spirit.
  • Create themed content. Your newsletter and blog posts can relate to Halloween. Even if your B2B is a service far from spooktacular, your content can liven up with blog posts or a newsletter about “scary mistakes” common in your industry or other helpful information.  
  • Look ahead to 2018. As the holidays start approaching, that means the New Year is right around the corner. Use the fourth quarter to drive up revenue and meet your sales goals. After meeting your goals you can start 2018 off on a path to another successful year.

Business to Consumer

  • Decorate. If your business does not sell Halloween costumes, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your store.
  • Create themed products. These products are unique with a limited supply. This attracts customers to act fast and purchase these festive products.
  • Offer relevant deals and discounts. These timely deals give customers a reason to choose your store over others.
  • Dress up. Everyone loves a dressed up staff, in the store or online. Customers will remember their experiences in your store and a dressed up staff creates a fun atmosphere.
  • Halloween contest. Offer a prize or discount through a costume contest. This will increase your word of mouth advertising and give you material to post online through the month of October.
  • Get involved with fall or Halloween events. Fall events such as the North Carolina State Fair happen once a year, so they attract a large audience. Work with these events and publicize your business at the same time. Your presence at the event can attract new customers to your store.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness month. Being spooky may not benefit your business, but October is also known for being Breast Cancer Awareness month. Helping this great cause also improves your public image. Support Breast Cancer Awareness by giving out pink ribbons, decorating your store with ribbons and signs, and helping raise money by accepting donations for an organization of your choice.

The month of October is the time that every business can grab customers’ attention, have fun, and support a good cause. Get out of your routine and change your marketing strategy during the holiday season! Celebrate Fall and get in the Halloween spirit, so your customers can too! Contact us to help you embrace the holidays!