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10 Do’s and Don’ts When Building (or Rebuilding) Your Website

In today’s digital world, a website can be a vital tool for businesses of any size. A website can provide an outlet to build your brand, market your product or service, and advertise to potential clients. If you do not actively have a website, get going already. More people than ever are online, and chances are that your customers use the Internet to find products and services.

If you have a website but are not seeing its benefits, it might be time to consider a rebuild. Either way, there are important things to consider when building or rebuilding your online presence.

What to Do

Use Open-Source Toolslaptop-tea-flowers

A proprietary CMS can leave you with limited access to your site and may result in hefty fees to your website developer. We see this often with clients who then find they can’t quickly make changes and must start over completely if they switch to a different company. Stick with an open-source CMS that will allow you or your website developer to quickly and easily edit your site. We like WordPress for its user-friendly nature.  

Include Relevant Content

If your business sells a product, be sure to include high-quality photos (not stock), descriptions, and any other information that a customer may find helpful when making their purchase. If you are selling a service, be sure to include descriptions of the service you are offering and any photos you can about your business. Don’t leave your customers searching for information.

Use Calls to Action

Give your customers the option to book, buy, contact, or do whatever it is you want them to do. If you’re running a promotion, advertise it with a call to action, such as “click here to book your free consultation” or an “additional 25% off sale” graphic with a “click here to view” button. Again, don’t make your customers search too hard to find what they want.

Use Your Resources

If your competitor’s website is along the lines of what you want for your business, then take a few pages out of their playbook. Don’t steal their exact layout and copy their website verbatim, but you can take the aspects of their site that you like and then make them your own. After all, you do want to stand out!

Trust Your Web Team

Most web designers know what they’re doing, and odds are this is not their first rodeo. If there is a website component you want to be included, ask them about the best way to execute it. Contrarily, if there is something that they feel wouldn’t look right or wouldn’t function properly, they’re probably speaking from experience. Still, don’t let that discourage you from bringing big ideas to the table!

What NOT to Do

Do it Yourself

Unless you’re a web designer, building your own website is not advised. It is easy to spot a website made by an amateur, and it will affect your brand and quickly drive customers away. To see the best outcome from your website, place your trust in a web designer and invest in a high-quality website.

Break Your Budget

Know what your budget is and stick to it. There are many web designers out there, from freelancers to firms. Determine which options are best for your business and your budget. Lay out your budget in the beginning and build a website around that. If you don’t already have a separate marketing budget, be sure to allocate some money for marketing efforts.

Skip SEO

Just building a website won’t guarantee visitors and conversions. It is important to pay attention and spend time on your SEO so that your website is actually appearing when potential customers search for your good or service. Become familiar with SEO best practices and ensure that you are taking the necessary measures. Or, hire someone to help you with this.

Ignore Your Target Audience

It is likely that you won’t be able to please every single potential customer out there, so focus on those that you are really trying to attract. There is likely a particular demographic you are targeting, so tailor your content and site to those people.

Expect Immediate Results

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your website won’t be either. It takes time to construct a website that will produce the results you want in the long run. In the meantime, you can begin building your social media presence so that potential clients and customers have some point of information and contact.

If your business is in need of anything from a snazzy new website, to more social media presence, to SEO assistance, contact us today for the solution to your marketing needs.