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web 3.0

Web 3.0: The Next GenerationFebruary 15, 2017

The Internet. Have you heard of it? We thought so. But maybe you haven’t heard of Internet evolution. The concept isn’t difficult to understand, but we marketers are paying close attention to the different stages. Web 1.0 started it all and Web 2.0 picked up the pieces and turned the Internet into what we know today. Now, we are looking at Web 3.0.

what makes a good blog post

What Makes a Good Blog Post?February 7, 2017

Check out this handy infographic for a general idea of what goes into a blog post, including the need for hyperlinks and plain language.


4 Ways Your Company Can Beat the Big GuysFebruary 1, 2017

Size matters — at least in the business world. There are top companies in every industry imaginable and it can be tough for small businesses to get a leg up on the big guys. But there are a few things that can give you a boost on the Big Boys out there.


Madison & Vine – The Creation Of AdvertainmentJanuary 25, 2017

It’s the approach every agency is trying to take in order to reach your audience. Your average consumer is tired of hearing the “buy me, buy me” advertisements. You have to do more than just advertise, you have to entertain. You have to incorporate advertainment into your marketing strategy.


5 Tips for Marketing to Those MillennialsJanuary 18, 2017

Put down your book of “new, hip lingo” and turn off Pokemon Go. You don’t have to be someone you’re not. Stay true to yourself and your company values; just try a more non-traditional approach. Here are our 5 tips for marketing to millennials.

emotional informational appeal infographic

How Will You Appeal To Your Audience?January 10, 2017

While you think about writing messages on social media or creating copy for your ads, it’s important to think about what type of appeal may work for your audience. Appeals are either emotional or informational.


12 Marketing Goals to Accomplish This YearJanuary 3, 2017

You now have 12 months to make your business better. Here are our suggestions for 12 marketing goals, one per month, for you to work on this year.

happy holidays - dom

A Year In The Life: The DofM Celebrates 2016!December 30, 2016

Take a peek at our work, our team members, and some of the fun we had this year. Happy New Year to you and your team from ours!

DofM holiday card 2016 ghostbusters

Happy Holidays!December 20, 2016

Happy Holidays from our team at the Department of Marketing!


5 Holiday Marketing-The Good and BadDecember 13, 2016

‘Tis the season of good and bad marketing! Check out our mini lists of advertisements that disappointed us in delivering their message.