The Department of Marketing

Award Winning Design

Good Design = Good Business

Good design captures your company. It does so immediately, powerfully, convincingly. Design and messaging are the foundation of every successful marketing campaign. At The Department of Marketing, we make sure that our design concepts are strategic, that our execution is flawless and that our work carries clients to the goal line and beyond.

To view our Awards Sheet for website/graphic design and illustration please click here.


You Look Good, We Look Good

At the DofM we work directly with clients during all phases of our design service process. You are important and deserve the best and we know that your brand is a reflection of your company. We get to know you and your business to ensure that our strategy makes sense for your company. We work with our talented graphic artists and writers to turn concepts into powerful, engaging realities. The better your company looks, the better we look!


We Work WITH You

At the DofM, we assess your existing design assets against your marketing plans. We ask tons of questions to ensure that our design strategy meets your goals. We work with our talented graphic artists to turn concepts into powerful, engaging realities. Our team huddles with yours until we get it right.

Whatever your size and goals, The DofM’s design services will help you command attention and play to win. Our peers have spoken, and agree that we can…and WILL…make your company look great.